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Do I need my own logo or do you have stock designs we can use?


For vinyl printing or direct-to-garment: If you already have an original vector file, there would be the $35 set-up fee. If the file is not original or of low resolution, and we need to update or make changes, we would contact you to see if you want to proceed with us updating the file. Updating of files is charged based on $25/ half hour.

For embroidery: If you already have an EMB or DST file type, the fees are based on the number of stitches according to the size of your logo. If you upload your file online, the system will automatically generate this price for you based on stitch count. If you call or stop in, we would get you a quote.

If you do not have the correct file type and we need to get it digitized, fees start at $50 and charges would increase as the number of stitches increase.

Logo set-up fees are charged one time per type of customization process. New logos or changes to logos would incur the set-up fees.

Stock Designs: We do offer stock designs that we have created. If you would like to use one of these designs, there is no set-up fee, just the charge to customize your item(s).

Need a logo? We can help.

  • We offer in-house design services to add a professional look to any garment
  • Call us at: 641-328-8558.


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